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We invite you to visit the enchanting beaches and the beautiful islands of outstanding beauty of our region by sailing under the blue sky. We depart at 10:30 from the port of Skiathos and we set sails for the island of ARGO.

We make a stop there to enjoy our first swim of the day along with a lovely breakfast and a delighted juice. Without being in hurry, after we fully enjoy the island, we sail to Skopelos to meet the Kastani beach where the famous movie MAMA MIA was filmed.

A little bit next to Kastani beach, we will make the second stop in Skopelos enjoying the gray-green waters with small caves carved in the rocks! As lunch time approaches, we will sail along the coast to see all those little beaches that make you fall in love with the place, looking for a deserted beach to relax and enjoy the swim and our lunch!

Next stop is the island of Dasia, where we will visit the admirable seal cave and while snorkeling we will swim into it! Opening sails for our last destination is the island Tsougrias, for many the most beautiful beach in Sporades!

There we will make our last stop playing with the sea and eating fruits together with other magical Sweet delights! Once we have fully enjoyed the place we sail back to Skiathos Port carrying with your the best memories of the most beautiful day of your holidays!!!

Two-day excursion Skopelos – Alonnisos

We depart in the morning from the port of Skiathos to admire the beauty of the small Tsougria and the gorgeous small islands and then we sail to Skopelos to visit the beaches and the most ravishing parts of this beautiful island.

In the evening we spend the night in the port of Alonissos, where you can visit the main village located at the top of the island, a real gem in the Aegean!

The next day we stop for swimming before we head back to Skiathos in the evening!


Weekly sailing cruise in Northern Sporades

A weekly cruise departing from the port of Skiathos having as a destination the islands of the northern Sporades!

Together we will explore Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos and the smaller islands like, Kyra-Panagia, Skatzoura and Peristera!

We will admire the National Marine Park which is the largest in Europe, and if we are lucky, we might even see up close the seal monachus-monachus, which is an endangered species!


10:30 — Depart daily from the port of Skiathos, across the Mouragio restaurant!


19:00 — We return to the port of Skiathos, full of wonderful memories!

Live the sailing dream in Skiathos Island

Skiathos is among the most popular islands of Greece.

Famous for the golden beaches, the green nature and the vivid atmosphere, Skiathos Island is a favorite destination for both youth and families. The most popular beaches are located on the southern side of the island, including the famous bay of Koukounaries.

However, very impressive is the exotic beach of Lalaria, accessible only by boat trip that also goes to the Medieval Castle of the island. The Town is the centre of activities on the island, where visitors head in the evenings to enjoy a relaxing drink.

From Skiathos island, visitors can make day excursions to Skopelos and Alonissos, the other islands of Sporades.

Sailing Cruises at Skaithos
Sailing Cruises at Skaithos

Safe sailing with Captain Theo

Sailing Cruises, Things to do, Day Sailing, Theologos Nalbantis, Skiathos

I was full of expectations about this trip…and Theo, amazing captain, did NOT deceive me! Nor any of my 4 friends! Even the pasta he cooked for lunch was impressive! Italians are very satisfied 🙂

Elena Mzvg

Feel safe and enjoy your cruise


  • 20 years experience in sailboats
  • Participation in many sailing races
  • Awards and medals in Greece and abroad
  • Extensive experience in sailing yachts
  • License holder
Sailing Cruises at Skaithos

My friends and I had a wonderful sailing day with Theo, the best captain we could have hoped for. He really went out of his way to make sure that we all enjoyed our sailing experience. Great company and great cooking! Could not recommend him enough.

Stefano Solli

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Had a wonderful relaxing day with Captain Theo. The best day of our holiday, thank you. I’m sure we will return.

Alison Mackenzie